When The Stock Market Dives, Annuities Thrive

Retirement Doomsday

If you were going to retire in 2008, you got a horrible wake-up call if your money was in stocks, bonds, or even real estate. It was one of the few times in history that almost every asset class went into the tank simultaneously. Unfortunately, retirees had to keep working, retire at a different level of income and lifestyle, or they ended up getting another job to supplement their income. As the stock market comes tumbling down, your broker says, "be patient, it will come back, just not right away". The only thing going up in your life during these times is your blood pressure. 

Smart Retirement Choices

When you have a Fixed Indexed Annuity, you have a unique tool in that it is built for the long haul. This particular annuity is like the car built for the apocalypse - it can survive even the most brutal of down markets and never lose you any of your hard-earned money. It looks pretty good getting you there too. Love that old Mercedes. 

Quick Facts:

  • In 2016 some Fixed Index Annuities earned and credited over 12%
  • It's a fixed investment, contractually guaranteed by some of the largest insurance companies in America.
  • It's tied to stock market indexes like the S&P 500 but it is not "in" the market. When it goes up you get a portion of the index gains based on a formula.
  • YOU NEVER LOSE your principal or your previously locked in gains because of market declines. If the market goes down, your principal and previous gains are fully protected.
  • When you decide to retire and take you money out, you can take it in a lump-sum payment, or  you can put a portion of or all of it into a lifetime income stream for yourself. You can even include your spouse.
  • When you deposit money into a Fixed Indexed Annuity it all goes in to your account and no charges, fees or commissions are taken out.

Find Out More About Fixed Indexed Annuities

Annuities are offered in every state. There are a wide variety to choose from and finding the right one, at the right time, with the right overall strategy will keep you sane while you're saving and watching others lose. You will be able to sleep at night when the stock market is going crazy, and you'll reap some benefits when the stock market does well. Most importantly you will enjoy a sound and steady retirement. Learn more about annuities.